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Before starting this project, I researched the heck out of podcasts. At the time, they weren’t nearly as popular as they had previously been, and I had little to no knowledge about them. I figured out the style and the layout of a podcast via this research. I also found the best technology for podcasting, which caused me to buy these mics.


Before every web project, I create personas and write out a hierarchy of the most important content. For this particular project it was Podcasts, Personalities (About the particular hosts of the podcasts), Team, and Contact.



I found this order by putting these words on strips of papers and gave them to 2 groups of 5 people. Then, I asked them to organize them. This was the most common scenario.

I then developed thumbnails on my trusty iPad and got some basic feedback from the team.

ipad thumbs

Then came the beloved wireframes! After every version, I asked friends and/or a couple random people at the coffee shop, what would they do on every page. I had them pretend to tap the part of the page they would click on and I would move to the next screen.


I then started building logos and trying out different illustration styles for our team members.

illustartion process

Illustrations final

logo process

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